About us

Building Industry is one of the oldest signs of human activity. It's not just advanced engineering constructions, great buildings. It's also a huge branch connected with beauty, art and aesthetics. Details decide what surrounds us. We make sure that these details were the best in every respect. Ceramic tiles are increasingly used decorative material. It is durable, attractive, easy to care, gives you multiple arrangements.

A few years ago dominated third-firing traditional decorations, now the market is divide and specialize, and Cerart STUDIO in 20 years has become a leader in their discipline. Enriched by a new technology of decorating technique of digital printing.

We are a manufacturer of advanced technology and designs in decoration, mosaics, tiles and strips which enrich offers our customers. These include: CER-ROL, CERAMIKA KONSKIE, CERAMIKA COLOR, STAR-GRES, ROVESE, CERAMIKA PILCH, CERAMIKA EVA, EGEN, CERAMSTIC, MAX-FLIZ, MERCURY MARKET, POLCOLORIT, CERAMIKA GRES. Create a good product starts already in the studio arts. We are looking for opportunities in the design, from classic to modern.

We offer services for wall and floor third-firing traditional decorations, glass, cut mosaics, digital decoration of technology of InkJet, vitromase, murano, decorating structures. We carry unusual orders for individual customers.

Designs created a mix of different techniques and styles. We prepare all collections by following the instructions for creating an ideal client effect. The speed of response to new trends, openness, readiness for special orders, the experience, are our advantages. We note with satisfaction the market success of companies that work with us. We have contributed to that.